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*Pre-order* SBA-400 Garbage Collection Box

*Pre-order* SBA-400 Garbage Collection Box

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*Pre-order* SBA-400

Available for Pre-order. 
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For all customers

A stylish garbage collection box for all design-loving customers.Sturdy and functional, this style comes in 1 sizes and comes in BLACK color.
Size: 1000W x 560D x 900H mm


Solving the garbage problem!
Designed for sturdiness and functionality.

The top lid is easy to open and close, and the slot is wide.
The top lid uses a gas spring to open and close, making it easy and safe to open and close the front lid.The wide input opening makes it easy to collect and clean garbage bags.


safe design

Anyone can operate it safely
A gas spring is used for the opening/closing mechanism of the top lid. We have a replacement gas spring available as a maintenance part. (Paid)
*Specifications vary depending on the model number, so be sure to check the product model number.


partition net

Further classification is possible with the partition net
If you use the optional partition net (sold separately), you can further separate the items into two inside the refrigerator. Please use it according to your purpose.
*The mounting position varies depending on the type.
*Cannot be used with SBB-350.

You can separate the inside of the cabinet

Functions and Features

Can be anchored with adjuster

Equipped with an adjuster that can be adjusted up and down by approximately 55mm. Anchors can be secured at all four locations. The height adjustment range of the adjuster is approximately 35 to 90 mm.

Easy to clean inside and keep clean

Rainwater drainage holes are provided on the bottom plate, making it easy to clean with water. Also, the bottom plate is easy to remove.

Install a lock to prevent tampering!
A number lock or padlock (commercially available) can be installed. This is useful for preventing mischief at night or when you are away for long periods of time.
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