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Couture Jardin | Oasis | Outdoor Chaise Lounge

Couture Jardin | Oasis | Outdoor Chaise Lounge

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Couture Jardin | Oasis | Outdoor Chaise Lounge

OASIS chaise lounge

SKU 91703100

Size: 74.5W x 200L x 34/96 H cm / HK$7,080

With his architectural structure and his HPL shelving all around, OASIS truly has a personality of its own. Its fewer units can easily adapt to endless configurations in most outdoor spaces, whether for residential or commercial use. Simply put, style meets function in an elegant and timeless way.

***2 color options

Color:  Anthracite, Taupe

Fabrics: Batyline Textelene

• Contract-grade welded aluminum frame;
• Tiger brand powder coating;
• HPL shelving;
• Batyline Serge Ferrari mesh for chaise lounge

UV treated durable outdoor texliline BATYLINE textile (Serge Ferrari)

  • W-74.5cm/29.3"
  • L-200cm/79"
  • H-34/96cm/13/38"


The French manufacturing group Serge Ferrari is a leader in the flexible composite material sector.

Batyline® mesh is a French-made material. It is an extremely durable and high quality material consisting of a polyester fiber covered by a coating of PVC, making it nearly impossible to tear. It is 100 percent synthetic and resistant to rot and mildew. It is also highly resistant to UV radiation and fading – although as with all materials left outdoors, slight discoloration is unavoidable over time. The membrane is flame retardant, although the material can melt near a heat source (e.g. from a cigarette burn). It can withstand temperature extremes, ranging from -30 degrees Celsius (-22 Fahrenheit) to 70 degrees Celsius (158 Fahrenheit). Direct contact against heat lamps, lights or other heat sources should be avoided

The flexibility of the material is ideal for clients who want to avoid the need for cushions. Also, its resilient properties make it an ideal material to place close to swimming pools or in other moist environments with chlorine or salt water. Batyline® mesh has a maximum stretch of only 3 percent, so expect very little sagging. It also has a memory – it will slowly regain its original shape after it has been used, especially when placed out in the sun. Avoid sharp objects from coming in contact with the material, as it can be cut.

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