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*Pre-order* Matsumoto Monooki | Japan Outdoor Storage Cabinet | MARMO WOO-2214

*Pre-order* Matsumoto Monooki | Japan Outdoor Storage Cabinet | MARMO WOO-2214

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Matsumoto Monooki  | Outdoor Storage Cabinet  | MARMO WOO-2214

Available for Pre-order. 
Contact us for more delivery information - Hotline/Whatsapp: 67028966

1 COLOR / WOOD & fluorine painted design 

Triangular roof design and the heaviest sturdiness in Japan

Combines ease of use to match the Japanese residential environment matsumoto storeroom

Limited edition for 1 size

Due to the shape of the parts, there are some parts that do not have a wood grain pattern. The wood grain image may different from the product. Delivery time is about 50 days for order order products. In addition, it is not possible to cancel after ordering.


Snow cover strength

About the snow cover strength of the roof

Gable roofs prevent snow from remaining on the roof and reduce the trouble of removing snow compared to single-flow type products.

* WOO-2214 is set to the standard type for snowy areas.


Rain water
Rainwater flows to both sides
The roof is gabled, so rainwater flows naturally to both sides.



Consideration for ventilation
A ventilation opening is provided after the gable beam to improve the flow of air. (2 places on the back side)



Roof panel
Reducing problems from the ceiling
The flat shape of the roof panel makes it safer to deal with dust and rainwater from the ceiling.


Sliding door
The door is a hanging door type
Aluminum rails at the top and rollers with bearings on the door wheel make sliding smoother. Roller with bearing The joints of the doors are designed to prevent dust and rainwater from entering.


50mm spacing

Shelf adjustment is easy
Shelf position adjustment is easy by moving the shelf hook. The height adjustment of the shelves is 50 steps with a pitch of 23 mm.

Cylinder lock

With cylinder lock for burglar protection
There are 2 keys.
Universal Design Handle
The recessed handle from top to bottom is safe for children.

Drop function
Even in strong winds, the door does not open on its own.
About the door drop function
In order to make the most of the simple design of the lock, the upper rail of the door is set to a drop function so that the door does not open naturally due to strong winds without locking it.

S shape hook

Double the fun with clever storage!  Convenient storage using S-shaped hooks (commercially available) that match the size.

Floor strength
600Kgf/㎡ Floor is strong and safe
The floor load capacity is 6000N/㎡ (approx  600Kgf/㎡)

Durable shelf
Sturdy shelves & shelf posts
It is a sturdy shelf with two welded shelf reinforcements. The shelf strength is 2 N/㎡ (approx. 2000 kgf/㎡). There are 200 levels of 353 mm from the floor to the top of the shelf, and 1453 mm up to the top.

STORAGE TYPE About shelf types

Choose the type of shelf
The full-length shelf type has shelves across the entire width. The vertical storage type is a type that can store items where part of the width is longer in the height direction. The vertical storage type has an N at the end of the model number.

 OPTION Can store a lot

The wide shelves
provide plenty of storage space, even behind the door.
The shelves are wide and durable, so they can be inserted smoothly. You can store a lot of things on the deep shelves, which are approximately 60cm long. Even a small type storage room has sufficient storage capacity.


Available for Pre-order. 
Contact us for more delivery information.


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