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Couture Jardin | Sky | Outdoor Sofa Set - B

Couture Jardin | Sky | Outdoor Sofa Set - B

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Couture Jardin | Sky | Outdoor Sofa Set - B


Sky 7pcs Sofa Set-B

2 pcs Sky Corner Sofa / Size:W84xD84xH67cm / HK$8,700 each

1 pcs Sky Extension Sofa / Size:W77xD84xH67cm / HK$6,650

2 pcs Sky 1-Seater Sofa / Size:W101xD84xH67cm / HK$7,600 each

1 pcs Sky 2-Seater Sofa / Size:W178xD84xH67cm / HK$12,400

1 pcs Sky Coffee table / Size:W110xD60xH40cm / HK$4,650

SKY Blue Sky            

The mood of the sky is expressed by clouds, which are light blue when relaxed, deep blue when sad, colorful when happy, and dark gray when sad. There are golden beaches and tall coconut trees on the seashore, steep mountain roads and lush trees among the mountains, and yellow sand and tenacious cacti everywhere on the desert. In different places, there are always different landscapes, but the only thing that does not change is the vast sky that you can see when you look up.

Color: Grey

Fabrics: COUTURE tex

Color Disclaimer:Due to the many variations in monitors and browsers, products color may appear different on different monitors.



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