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Australia | Instant Shade | The Aurora | Lightweight & Elegant Cantilever Umbrella- 3.5M Oct

Australia | Instant Shade | The Aurora | Lightweight & Elegant Cantilever Umbrella- 3.5M Oct

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Size: 3.5M Octagon 

Mass Height: 282 cm

***3 color options

AURORA-NT-PA Color: Natural 

AURORA-SL-PA  Color:Slate

AURORA-ST-PA Color:Smoked Tweed

The Aurora Lightweight & Elegant Cantilever Umbrella

  • Full 360° rotation to maximise shade coverage

  • UNLIMITED tilt positions to

    perfectly block out low afternoon sun

  • Very easy to use

  • Folds neatly against the mast

  • Lightweight construction - can be removed by one person


Wind Guidance

Aurora 3.5m Oct

Installed Wind Rating (km/h) – refer Note 1 below           50    50

Freestanding base rating (km/h) – refer Note 2 below      30    30

Note 1: Wind rating applies when umbrella installed in accordance with manufacturer instructions.

Note 2: Wind rating is a guide based on minimum 880 x 880mm square base, weighing at least 240kg.

Wind ratings are a guide only. Umbrellas should always be closed

in anticipation of strong winds and storms and should never be left open unattended. The warranty does not cover wind damage.


[Color: Smoked Tweed]  [Size: 3.5M Octagon] [Mass Height: 282 cm]

 Standard Colours (Solution Dyed Poly-Olefin Canvas)

Stabiliser bars

The Aurora cantilever umbrella has a uniquely designed fixed arm stabiliser bars. These stabiliser arms will greatly increase the umbrellas stability on windy days. The stabiliser bars screws into a mounting block already installed in the groove of the umbrella mast. Each stabiliser arm then attaches to the end of the umbrella arms to the left and right. The stabiliser bars are designed for an environment where the umbrella needs to be up for longer periods of time and windy conditions.

Protective covers

Although we have designed our cantilever umbrellas to last and have manufactured the canopies using the highest quality outdoor fabrics, we still recommend using a cover-bag to protect your umbrella through the winter months. The cover-bag helps to keep the canopy clean and free from bird-droppings and other unwanted nasties. It will prolong the life of your umbrella and keep it looking its best for many years to come.

Cross base 

This non permanent option is perfect for areas where you would like to move the umbrella to different locations around the garden or if you live in a rental property.  Pavers are made from moulded concrete and come in a set of 4. Each concrete block weighs 22kg and measures 500mm x 500mm.

The quality of the marine-anodised alumium materials and solution dyed olefin canvas provide for a sturdy structure and guarantees longevity for all residential and commercial use, especially for seaside locations.

Full 360° degress rotation to maximise shade coverage.

Color Disclaimer:Due to the many variations in monitors and browsers, products color may appear different on different monitors.

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