Matsumoto Monooki - MN Series 松本物置 MN 系列

MN Series
Japan's strongest load-bearing storage solution!
The water drainage capability of the triangular roof design ensures that you no longer have to worry about the rainy season.
The MN Series is a product that has been passed down for 60 years, combining the finest craftsmanship of Japanese storage solutions with the visionary concept of its founder, Mr. Matsumoto. It embodies durability, functionality, and aesthetics all in one.


MN Series

Matsumoto Monooki - NT Series 松本物置 NT 系列

The NT series offers ample storage space in a sleek, minimalist design. Whether you need to store household items, tools, or other belongings, the NT series has you covered. With its meticulous design, it seamlessly blends into various interior styles. It comes in multiple sizes and configurations to accommodate different needs. The sturdy construction ensures durability and stability. Convenient design features include adjustable shelves and user-friendly doors. The NT series is an ideal storage solution that combines practicality and aesthetics.


NT Series

Matsumoto Monooki - Special Edition 松本物置 特別設計 系列

The design philosophy of Matsumoto Shed aims to bring excitement and joy to your life.

Matsumoto Shed 的設計理念旨在為您的生活帶來興奮和樂趣

Special Edition